Welcome to instructional media + magic

im+m is not a traditional company. Historically it is a vehicle to support leading-edge projects in higher education.  im+m is now working on Georgetown University’s Thebes project—a general security-compliant academic and administrative network,  integration of learning and administrative systems with our SIF Association and LETSI colleagues, and research of federal regulations applying to student financial systems. Staff are also writing for Michael Feldstein’s e-Literate and Intellectual Property Magazine.

Sigma Systems’ software architect Paul Heald is currently seconded to im+m’s Washington facility. He works with federal agencies, higher education associations, and  software projects to ensure the design of Sigma Systems’ software is current with frequently changing regulatory requirements.

Earlier projects include multimedia classroom biology materials with evidence of improved effectiveness, a nationally available database of fully-indexed financial aid documents for NCHELP available first on CD-ROM and subsequently as the NCHELP e-Library and Daily Brief, prototypes of the Meteor network liking financial firms and colleges and universities and real-time exchange of transcripts for the California Community Colleges, Jasig’s uPortal open-source software development project and the Sakai elearning community development, and JISC’s (UK) virtual research environment projects. im+m participates in US, UK, and EU higher education standards bodies